Vance Anderson
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Vance Anderson



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Los Angeles



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Vance Anderson appeared on the episode #StuckInABox he is a magician who loves belittling Dice and is in love with Sam Dice calls him because he can't open a magician's box he bought from Vance's magic store which Cat is trapped in the gang arrives at his magic store and Vance starts putting Dice down and flirting with Sam he tells them that he will help Dice open the box if he gets to use Dice's ticket to Mystic Mountain Dice doesn't want to but he does anyway Vance simply tells them that Dice has to push a button on the side to open it that doesn't work so Vance tries it himself and states that the box is defective not caring he and Sam go outside to kiss where Sam just simply beats him up red paint spilled so the rest of the gang thought it was blood.

Vance was portrayed by Shayne Topp.