Mr. Purple is Cat Valentine's purple stuffed giraffe.



He appeared on Victorious in the episodes "The Gorilla Club," "The Blonde Squad," "One Thousand Berry Balls", and "Star Spangled Tori".


Mr. Purple is seen in the basket on Cat's bicycle at the start of the episode.


Cat runs to get Mr. Purple before she watches That's a Drag!.


Right before Sam is about to flip Cat's bed, Cat is seen sleeping with Mr. Purple. He is then later seen in front of the bed when Cat leaves the room.


Mr. Purple appears at the apartment when Cat, SamDice, and Goomer are brainstorming about the plan to fool Goomer's mother into thinking he is a school teacher.


Cat is watching Get Outta the Pool with Dice, Goomer, and Sam while holding Mr. Purple.


Cat gave Sam Mr. Purple when was dressed as Cat, which Sam threw on the bed.


He appears on Cat's bed.


He appears on Cat's bed.

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Sam holds him during a transition.


He appears in clips from pasts episodes.


Cat sleeps next to him while being locked in the box.


Cat holds him while searching someone to watch news instead of her.


He appears on Cat's bed.


He appears on Cat's bed.


Cat is thinking about the plushes she wants to take to Arizona. Sam is trying to force all of them on her bag, including him. It is unknown if Cat took him at the end.



  • In #BabysitterWar, he does a little squeak when Cat falls on him.
  • According to #BabysitterWar, he has a birthday and Cat sometimes sings some songs to him.
  • In #YayDay, there are sculptures of him.
  • In #BabysittingCommercial, there is a drawing of him done by a fan on the fridge.
  • Mr. Purple made an appearence on Game Shakers on the episode "Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons".