Inside Out Burger
Inside Out Burger
General information
Type Restaurant
City Various cities
State Various states
People Kenny (manager)
Unnamed cashier

Inside Out Burger is a fast food restaurant that sometimes appeared in Sam & Cat.



Chloe and Max along with their baby brother Darby arrive at the restaurant drive-thru with a scooter they found at Elderly Acres and order food However they don't have the money to buy it so the manager of Inside Out Burger chases after them but he gets exhausted and faints Cat and Sam come just in time to save the manager by giving him a weird version of CPR and in return for helping him the manager lets the kids keep their food and promises Sam and Cat free cheeseburgers for as long as they live.


Chloe and Max make a prank call to Inside Out Burger.


Sam and Cat try to get the governor of New Jersey to say the word "lumpatious" at the Inside Out Burger drive-thru.


Sam mentions that she searched Dice here when he was missing.


Dice suspects Del DeVille to get lunch there.



  • Inside Out Burger made it's real first appearance on an iCarly episode before.