Handy Quick
Handy Quick
General information
Type Convenience store
City Los Angeles
State California
People Yokvish (cashier)

Handy Quick is a local convenience store that Sam and Cat visit often.



Cat found the ATM place and took money from it not knowing it was illegal She later took Sam to see it and get more money The next time they came back the police were there interviewing the cashier The girls went to get more money but were caught and arrested.


Sam and Cat went to the store to find that all the Blue Dog Soda was being taken out much to the cashier's objection When the bottles were dropped and smashed Sam freaked out and screamed.

Known Products

  • Coffee
  • Blue Dog Soda
  • Various sodas, candy and chips
  • Slushies
  • Food
  • Miscellaneous items



  • This is so far the only store that appeared on Sam & Cat.
  • Sam and Cat got arrested here.