Gibby Gibson is one of the reccurring characters on Sam & Cat He is a continued character from iCarly.


Gibby is at the movie theater with his girlfriend where Nora Dershlit sneaks in and tells him what happened He then gave her Sam Puckett's address Later he and Nevel Papperman had lunch together.


Gibby is very odd and apparently stupid as shown as he just flat-out gave Nora Sam's address even though he was aware that she broke out of prison and wanted to destroy Sam.


Sam Puckett

Sam is a friend of Gibby's They previously worked together on the iCarly Webshow.

Unnamed girlfriend

Gibby has an unnamed girlfriend who loves snuggling with him a lot.

Kayla Lee and Freddie Benson

He is a good friend of Sam and Freddie They previously worked together on the iCarly Webshow They never seen together on Sam & Cat.