Dice Corleone
Dice Corleone
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Dice Corleone



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Los Angeles, California

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Aunt Fergene - Aunt


Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine

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Cameron Ocasio

Diceneo "Dice" Jay Corleone is a main character in Sam & Cat He is Sam and Cat's next door neighbor He is a cool and slick guy, but he is also nice He likes selling things and making deals.

He is portrayed by Cameron Ocasio.



He became friends with Cat Valentine soon after she moved into Apartment 22.


Sam Puckett

Dice first met Sam in #Pilot when he went to sell celebrity hair to Cat. He instantly recognized her from iCarly and told her that she is awesome. He and Sam become friends as Dice helps her and Cat with the wacky antics surrounding their babysitting business. Dice usually idolizes Sam for the awesome feats she is able to accomplish. In #SuperPsycho, Sam says she'd be lost without Dice and that she loves him.

Cat Valentine

Dice is good friends with Cat. They have been neighbors since Cat moved in to live with her Nona Cat comfortably lets Dice walk into her apartment, showing how close their friendship is However, Dice's problems sometimes irritate her.


Dice is Goomer's manager and is also his good friend. Dice is shown to really care about Goomer and even asked Sam and Cat to help fool Goomer's mother into thinking Goomer was a high school teacher so he wouldn't have to move back home.


Dice and Nona lived in the same building before Nona moved to Elderly Acres, but Dice is still close with her granddaughter, Cat Valentine. In #ToddlerClimbing, Nona goes to lunch at Bots with Dice, Sam, and Cat. Later on, she pretends to be Dice's grandmother to fool the Rival Babysitting Service.