Clarice Drange
Clarice Drange
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Clarice Drange



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Mr. Drange Father


Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine
Del DeVille

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American Girl Doll as a doll and a human

Clarice Drange is a character on Sam & Cat she appears to be a doll that is alive.


She first appeared as a doll being carried by her father Mr. Drange he gave her to Cat to hold her then he left after he left Cat tried to teach her to carve a pumpkin which Sam dismissed because she was a doll and slapped her on the face to prove it after Cat discovered that she supposedly turned Dice into a monkey Sam noticed that Clarice had carved the little pumpkin and was halfway done with the bigger one Freaked out.


Because she had been a doll most of the time she didn't seem to have personality until she turned into a girl after she turned into a girl she seemed very kind and thankful and cheerful since she happily told Sam and Cat what a great time she had Mr. Drange says she's shy she might like morbid stuff given her pumpkin carving.