Aunt Fergene
Aunt Fergene
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Venice, Los Angeles, California

Physical description
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Dark brown

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Dice Corleone (nephew)
Mrs. Corleone Sister


Mrs. Corleone Probably


Puzzle Con

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Dre Swain

Aunt Fergene is a minor character on Sam & Cat she is Dice's crazy aunt.



She appeared on the ending credits of the episode where Dice was feeding her much to his dismay she then had to pee which he refused to help with that.


She was mentioned twice first was when Dice was complaining to Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine that he had to go to Puzzle Con with Aunt Fergene and his mom since he wasn't allowed to stay home by himself he was going to have to share a room with Fergene who had night gas the second time was when Dice was explaining why he was dancing at little girls parties.


She was mentioned after Sam and Cat discovered that the monkey they thought was Dice was Fergene's helper monkey Futz Dice explained to the girls that Futz helps Aunt Fergene with all kinds of stuff like washing.


She was mentioned when Dice asked Sam and Cat to get the monkey pills for Fergene's monkey Futz from Pet Mergency.


She was mentioned when Cat explained to Sam that she had to go with Dice to Phoenix because Fergene and Mrs. Corleone caught coyote fever.


Fergene is very abnormal much like Pam Puckett and Cat's brother she apparently has a disability as she needs a helper monkey to do stuff.