Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy were best friends in real life but after Sam and Cat's ending they had some issues that would be the reason of the end of their show But after Jennette stopped with her web series What's Next For Sarah? Where she dissed Ariana too they seemed to made it up Jennette also said in interviews that they text probably once a week and sometimes hang out together they have worked on many TV shows together such as Sam & Cat and both appeared on iParty With Victorious which was a crossover between their respective shows Victorious and iCarly Jennette had made an appearance on Victorious the show where Ariana originally played Cat Valentine they also both starred in the movie Swindle.

See Cat and Sam for the pairing of Cat Valentine and Sam Puckett the characters Ariana and Jennette portray on the show respectively.


  • They have the same birthday June 26th.